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112 Girl, It Got Worse

Simon, Derek, Kyden, and Lloyd give updates and have new questions!

111 A Naked Breakup

Jack (Senpai) Gets his question answered. Donald gives an update and has a new question, and JOSUE IS BACK with laughter and joy. 

110 Unapologetically Myself

Jazzy gets her question answered. Carly and A. give updates !

109 Mystery Tape

The DL Hoe, and Guido King get their questions answered. Lucia and Jack give updates ! 

108 Like Comfort Food For My Crippling Anxiety

Andy gets their question answered. Mike and M.C. are back with updates !

107 No Application Necessary

Ali gets their question answered. Paige and Mike send updates ! 

106 Welcome To The Circus

Cristian (aka CrisCoolness) gets his question answered. Kyden and DoorMatt FloorMatt ChoreMatt give updates !! 

105 Stove Of Thoughts

Max, Isla Wan (aka Daniel), and Mike get their questions answered. 

104 Oh Lordt

Mike gets his question answered, Henry and Fashionista Lewis give updates. Kween Memes sends in fan art ! 

103 Red Rover, Red Rover

Chris and Ivan get their questions answered. Quinn gives an update!

102 Yo Ho Ho!

Asyuh gets their question answered. Irvin and A Kween of Writing In give updates and have more questions! 

101 Laughter In Ya Vocal Boxes

Sage gets their question answered. Meh, Jason Greek, and M.C. are back ! 

100 Skinny Ass Bird Legs

Mosh and Anonymous get their questions answered. Sharlamagne and Jason Greek give updates !

99 Nine Out Of Ten

KweenMemes, Kelly, and Jake M. give updates and ask more questions. 

98 Bacon Burger Probz

Santiago and Mark get their questions answered. Adrian gives an update & asks another question! 

97 Come Thru Dr. Nate

Dr. Nate comes thru with some knowledge. Jack S. and Alex give updates and have more questions ! 

96 Total Request Live

Luciano and Pauly get their questions answered. Derron gives an update !

95 Lead By Example

Ashley gets her question answered, Kass and Federico give updates ! 

94 It’s Always Snap Inn’it

Derek, Nina, and Mikey give updates! 

93 A Pretty Face, But That’s About It

Cynthia makes a suggestion. Jacob and Schneider give updates!

92 History Of Hooking Up With Cousins

Shane, A., and Bella get their questions answered. 

91 Promiscuous Stuffs

E.Q., Eric, and Paige get their questions answered. 

90 The Turtle Always Wins

Elvis and Remco get their questions answered. Federico, Max, and Jack check in and give updates. 

89 Turds On Earth

Elsa, Lily, and Vitiligo King get their questions answered. 

88 Too Clever To Be Too Clever

Poops McGee and Will get their questions answered. Mikey is back AGAIN!

87 Powerful Pettiness

Sponge and Kyden get their questions answered. Hyun-Ae checks in! 

86 Miriam & Steve

Jasmine gets her question answered. Jason Landry, Owen, and Lewis give updates! Joey sends in Fan Art  ;)

85 Spread Love No Hate

JayneDo gets their question answered. Tyler and Derròn give updates! 

84 Garden-Goyles

Lucia has another question. Josue and Quinn give updates ;)

83 Notifications Sent To Spam

College Josue, Joey, and Lucia get their questions answered. M.C. checks in ;)

82 Heart Value

Michael, HBIC, Jess-Jess, and Jeff get their questions answered. 

81 Sometimes When You Swing, You Miss

'G' gets their question answered. Melanie and Ian give updates!

80 Uncle Lloyd’s Fish Camp

Lloyd gets his question answered. Victor and Mateo give updates! 

79 Trust Fund Kween

L.J. gets their question answered. Luke and Arianna give updates!

78 Down With The Dolphins

Avan and Mia get their questions answered. Carly and Enrique give updates!

77 He Ain’t Got Teeth But He Fine

Alpf, Kass, and E. get their questions answered. 

76 Catapult Kitty

Izzi gets her question answered. Enrique, Kyle, and Steven give updates ;)

75 Pet My Pits

Daniel and Isaac get their questions answered. Nick and Mary T. give updates ;)

74 My Big Gay Weed Wedding

Mike, Kelly, Mary T., Kelsey, Hyunae, and Harry ALL give updates !!!

73 Super Legit Mental Health Sh*t

Artem, Jack, and Frederico have new questions that get answered. 

72 Hearts of Gold

Liam and Jacob W. get their questions answered. Adrian and Josue give updates!

71 I Don’t Wanna Be Jeanless No More

Ethan and Sharla get their questions answered. Salvador and David check in!

70 Question Quota

Donald gets his questioned answered. Diamond and Josue give updates ;)

69 Oh Snap!

Diamond gets her question answered. Mikey and Jaz give updates! 

68 Get To Narnia Quick

Sel and Zawar get their questions answered. Drew and Jacob give updates! 

67 Heart Dropped To My Ass

Caroline and Serge get their questions answered. Josue gives another update!

66 Livin La Vida Reina

Baldvin and Quinn get their questions answered. Adrian gives an update. Alice gives a piece of her mind. 

65 Pterodactyls Are Back

Jason Landry writes in. Derron and Carly give updates!

64 Two Fifty A Month

Nickie and Someone with a broken heart get their questions answered. Matthew and Alyssa give updates! 

63 Dégoûtant Rhetoric

M.C., Victor, and August get their questions answered. 

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