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72 Hearts of Gold

Liam and Jacob W. get their questions answered. Adrian and Josue give updates!

71 I Don’t Wanna Be Jeanless No More

Ethan and Sharla get their questions answered. Salvador and David check in!

70 Question Quota

Donald gets his questioned answered. Diamond and Josue give updates ;)

69 Oh Snap!

Diamond gets her question answered. Mikey and Jaz give updates! 

68 Get To Narnia Quick

Sel and Zawar get their questions answered. Drew and Jacob give updates! 

67 Heart Dropped To My Ass

Caroline and Serge get their questions answered. Josue gives another update!

66 Livin La Vida Reina

Baldvin and Quinn get their questions answered. Adrian gives an update. Alice gives a piece of her mind. 

65 Pterodactyls Are Back

Jason Landry writes in. Derron and Carly give updates!

64 Two Fifty A Month

Nickie and Someone with a broken heart get their questions answered. Matthew and Alyssa give updates! 

63 Dégoûtant Rhetoric

M.C., Victor, and August get their questions answered. 

62 Super Like From An Absolute Slice

Melissa and Ian get their questions answered. Yunalesca gives an update !

61 Professional Business Kween (Who Struggles With Mental Health)

Schnyder, Ryan, and Jay get their questions answered. 

60 Bullshit Meter Has Peaked

Carly and Mark get their questions answered. Door-Matt provides and update !

59 Explicit-ish Photos

Luke checks in and has a new dilemma. Idaly (Ee-doll-ee) gets her question answered.  

58 Whoops Bitch

Josue, Chet, Julia, R.J, and Joey give updates! 

57 I’m A Kool Mom

Mike and Shawn get their questions answered. Josue gives an update!

56 Level Up

Will & Kelsey get their questions answered. Mary gives an update!

55 Backwood Dick

Robby gets his question answered. Breanna and Timotay give updates!

54 Pocket Aces

Sizzle and Jack get their questions answered. Adrian gives an update!

53 Quarantine Dream

Mike, Ryan, and Alan get their questions answered. 

52 Sailor Jerry

Josue and Cory get their questions answered. Artem gives an update!

51 Glitter Face

Daniel and Heather get their questions answered. Tyler from episode 37 checks in! 

50 Plenty of Sardines

Jas and Mikey get their questions answered. Steven gives an update!

49 Tiger Kweens

Jenna & Jacob get their questions answered. Peter checks in !!

48 Ass On A Platter

Ayesha gets her question answered. Frederico, MessyJessy69, and Hyunae give updates!

47 Smash King

Melanie and Harry get their questions answered. Salvador checks in!

46 Vow Of Poverty

Drew and Kelly get their questions answered. Alex and Bradley check in. 

45 Needles and Forks

Heather, Jason, and Alex provide updates. 

44 Dead Assssss, So Stupid

Gaile, Jill, and Jason get their questions answered. Anthony and Carly give updates. 

43 Sprung On The D

Matt, Kyle, Shaina, and Will get their questions answered. Enrique checks in. 

42 Mystery Ring

Mik & Alyssa get their questions answered. Rhea & Irvin check in. 

41 Kween Of The Complex

Lewis, Josue, and Joel get their questions answered. Justin checks in. 

40 Mid-Teen Crisis

Derron, Tyler, Ward, and Adrian check in. Mary T gets her question answered. 

39 Take A Hike

R.J, Sam B., and Brianna get their questions answered. 

38 Apocalypse or Nah?

Kyle, Casey, Owen, and Luke get their questions answered. Jesùs checks in.

37 Q.T.I.P.

Warre, Steven, Tyler, Franc, and Stephen get their questions answered. 

36 Be Prepared

Heather, Leo, and Hayley get their questions answered. Leo and Tim-O-Tay check in. 

35 Super Coochie Craving

Mateo, Becca, Big Boob Beth, Scott M, and Drayton get their questions answered. 

34 Kids Will Do It To Ya

Maisey, Kirsten, Elisa, Claire, and Trina get their questions answered. 

33 Semi-Flamboyant Self

Penny, Joel, Robbie B, and Joel (again) get their questions answered. Frederico writes back

32 The Chill Zone

Chet, Alexandria, Colton, Brandon, and Bradley get their questions answered. 

31 A Very Bizarre Man

Hyun-Ae (again), Jason, Adrian, MessyJessy69, and Yunalesca get their questions answered. 

30 Ditch the Bitch

Ryan, Jill, Ariana, Anthony, and Austin too get their questions answered. 

29 Making Happy

Abraham, Sappie, Billy, and Alexandria get their questions answered. 

28 Dusted it Under the Rug

Enrique, Matthew, R.J, and Antonia get their questions answered. 

27 Sexuality Reveal Cake

Patrick, Nina, Reynaldo, and Sarahi get their questions answered. 

26 Saxophone Dad

Alex, Lewis, Carly, and Rhea get their questions answered. 

25 Toyfriend

Elijah, Adrian, Sheldon, and Simon get their questions answered. 

24 Or… Ah, No.

Elizabeth, Orono, and Sister Mary Clarence get their questions answered.

23 ?!?!?!

Olive, Justin, and Salvatore get their questions answered. 

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